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Elephant Boundaries Research – Virtual Fences

Mike La Grange has spent years researching the ways that Elephants respond to various means of deterring them from crossing through or entering into certain areas. He is continually learning, and honing what he learns, in order to deal with Human Wildlife Conflict caused by human encroachment in areas historically frequented and populated by Elephants.

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The Zimbabwe Wildlife Association was dreamed up and established through the drive of NJ La Grange in response to a need in the Wildlife Industry in Zimbabwe for an amalgamated “voice” for key stakeholders in the industry to interact and engage the Government and it’s affiliates to find a way in which the industry as a whole, including Government and the private sector together, can improve the policies in the Wildlife Industry!The ZWA is based on the old Wildlife Producers Association of Zimbabwe which according to excerpts in June 2002 from Wally Herbst (previous Chairman of the Wildlife Producers Association) was first thought up in 1985, when a group of people met under a tree in the Lowveld and discussed the merits of a producer association for Wildlife. They had this vision of a producer association that was all encompassing of the environment and where there was money to be made from safaris, lodges and Wildlife translocation. Wildlife and tourism on commercial farms was on the move. National Parks had created an enabling environment for the production of Wildlife, allowing captures and translocation and even exports.


One of the founding members of AWMC, Mike La Grange has a massive armoury of experience and is passionately involved with issues related to HWC (Human Wildlife Conflict). He has developed and continues to do research in order to find solutions to this intricately complex challenge. Please click on the following links for more information:

To Hunt or Not To Hunt – Debate

As an organisation we are not directly involved with hunting, but because of our exposure to a wide variety of organisations this is something that is a very common part of our experience and whether you are for or against it does have a massive impact on the Wildlife industry as a whole.

Take a look at the links below:

Trophy Hunting: Is It Helping or Hurting Conservation Efforts?

The Real Threat to Wildlife PDF File

Snares and Injuries

There have always been animals to dart due to them carrying snares, but in 2020 we have seen quite an increase in the levels of meat poaching, this has obviously brought with it a lot of snared animals. We have a desire to help these animals, unfortunately funding is always an issue so watch this space as we develop ways in which we can better assist.

Creation vs. Evolution – Debate

Here is another subject which we feel quite strongly about, and one we are happy to debate, peacefully… we feel that too often this issue ends up in people getting quite hot under the collar. Sadly it has become an offensive subject for many, but we’d like to hear your thoughts!


We are open to assist with facilitating research projects – again; please watch this space and contact us with your thoughts.